Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trial and Error- It Happens To Us All!

So, I've seen lots of awesome blogs out there, with people posting their wonderful creations, sales, process, etc. They all have a great designed background (template), and are dotted with lovely pictures. They are all fantastic!

But... people *do* make mistakes sometimes... we're all human, after all. And I know I make a lot! So here, for your viewing pleasure, is something I tried, and found that it didn't work. Oh well, it was a cute idea, anyway.

I took a bland barrette and began decorating the entire thing with silver-edged heart stickers. By the time I covered it, it looked really cool. I figured I'd add some Mod Podge sealer, then some gems or something to finish it up. Alas, when I applied the Mod Podge (Puzzle Saver, in this case), all it did was make the stickers peel up off the barrette! What a dissapointment.

Well, like I said, it was a cute idea. Back to the proverbial drawing board! :)


Mary said...

i love that you shared something that you think didn't quite work....i have done that, too, and i think it keeps us all human. nice blog!

Searched And Found said...

It sounded like a good idea from the beginning!