Friday, January 25, 2013

Illustration Friday: Wings

Another Friday brings another great topic for Illustration Friday, this week's is Wings!

Here is my addition this week, a fun ACEO I created that I'd like to do more of. I love working with mixed media, it is so much fun to discover how different materials interact with each other, and the various results you can get the more you experiment!

I do, however, have a question for all you artists out there... technically, isn't "mixed media" any piece that is done using 2 or more different materials? If that is the case, then (again, "technically") isn't a painting that is first sketched out in pencil but completed in only acrylics also considered mixed media, due to the initial use of the pencil? Hrm.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creativity Flourishes :)

So, is it OK that I added that smile in the title? I tend to add that smile to nearly almost every email, every text I send... my friend the other day said that I smile an awful lot. But, it's better than frowning, right? So :) :) :) !!!!

I've been creative in my art journal lately. Sometimes I take brief sabbaticals, as I get caught up in other things, but I always return to my art journal, a place of comforting memories and fun tidbits. Here are two spreads I've done lately:

It was also interesting today that I took a trip to a local Michael's Arts and Crafts store, and I discovered that they have so much now for the art journal! From at least three different brands of washi tape to stickers made of actual burlap to a whole rack of all different kinds of markers/pens for journaling. I'd had a few dollars left from a gift card I'd received for Christmas, but if I'd had more money, I am certain there is much I would have gotten. :) There I go with the smile again!

I do have to state, however, for the record... I think Prismacolor colored pencils are fantastic, but they are TOO expensive!!!

So, it's a brand new year... who wants to start an art journal???

Friday, January 18, 2013

I Sing With My Paintbrush

I sing with my paintbrush; warm and beautiful I drip acoustic; visual renditions of myself sung in minor chords... if you don't get me by now, you never will.

There is something intensely gratifying and peaceful about an evening just relaxing and creating. No expectations, no dictations... just you and your open journal, various supplies, and a cup of coffee (or tea). Oh, and music. There must be music.

I've recently discovered Kathleen Edwards, and I tend to like her music very much. I tend to be a fan of Joni Mitchell, but "Ladies of the Canyon" style, you know... more folksy, singer/songwriter stuff. Anyway, I digress... this is what I created tonight.

I mixed some white gesso with a bit of antiquing solution, then brushed it onto my open spread. I like the varying yet subtle shades of variance, even when it dried.

It seemed to resemble a beach to me, so naturally, I drew in some rocks/shells. I used watercolor pencils, then added some shading under them with a Prismacolor colored pencil. I like the way it turned out so far.

I can easily picture myself in the future, all long hair and bare feet, sitting along the shore, painting the beach. Who knows :)

IF: Myth

Happy Friday everyone! My contribution to this week's Illustration Friday is my mermaid here, titled "Lost Love's Undertow."

It is marker, colored pencil, and Sakura gel pens on an ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals). I love creating ACEOs... there's something about making art in such a small space (3.5 by 2. 5) that is fulfilling... it isn't always as easy as one might think :)

But, here she is! What do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2013

IF: Ocean

Ahhhhh, the topic this week for Illustration Friday is one that is near and dear to my heart... "Ocean!" I LOVE the ocean, and everything about it. It is really one of my most favorite things... so, even though I longed to create an awesome jelly fish or perhaps a shark amongst a beautiful coral reef, I felt that most people would be doing a "blue" interpretation... so I though maybe this would be a little different :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Illustration Friday: "Edge"

My entry for this week's Illustration Friday, "EDGE." I was inspired to draw this from one of my favorite shows, the Gator Boys, airing Sunday nights at 9pm on Animal Planet!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mmmmm.... Coffee!!!

So... anyone who is familiar with the Mastic-Shirley area knows that we have everything from Checkers to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, but no where to sit, relax, and actually enjoy a good cup of coffee... until now!

Today (Jan 4) I was thrilled to visit Tend Coffee on their opening day! Tend Coffee is located at 924 Montauk Highway in Shirley. That's right next to Friendly's! I had seen the sign for Tend Coffee a few days before, and just the sign enough caused me to want to go in. Why? Because it promised coffee! And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my coffee...

Well, I am very happy to say that my first (and certainly not my last!) visit was anything but disappointing. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the staff are accommodating and more like old friends to the customer than employees, and the location is prime! Why? Because, as the woman in charge (Susan) states, "There's nothing else like this around here." And she's right... we so need Tend Coffee in our area, and they are welcome with open arms and eager lips :)

This is Susan with her cheerful staff. Now, I am one person who loves a happy face behind the counter. I'll actually wait on the longer line at the supermarket just to get the joyful worker as opposed to the one who wears their attitude on their sleeve and lets the world know (all too common these days!)

The pleasantness of the wonderful staff aside, this comfy and warm coffee shop is worth coming into because their coffee is VERY good. I grabbed my cup to go, and as I was drinking it, I HAD to go back and tell them just how good it was. Then I grabbed a pack to make on my own at home!

You can sit, relax, drink your coffee, have a snack, and just take some time for yourself. As the world rushes by outside, you can sip your peace and breathe in the delectable aroma of fresh-brewed coffee.

So, if you're in the area, make sure you stop by and pay them a visit. You'll be so glad that you did, and I guarantee you, it won't be your last visit, either!

And on a completely different note, I haven't done a giveaway in a while, so here's one! Check out the picture below, and click on it to see it better, as it's only a pencil sketch in the preliminary stages right now. Then leave a comment below, indicating what the picture is from. Winner will be chosen at random from all correct responses. Best of luck! Prize is a custom made ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) created just for YOU, of whatever you want :)