Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make YOUR Photos More Interesting!

Hello every one, and happy Friday! I'm sitting here on the top bunk (there are bunk beds in our room here at the shelter) because I've managed to get the best internet connection up here. So here I am, eating Gummi Bears, while my beautiful baby sleeps and my husband watches anime on his own pc on the bunk below. I don't sleep up here, just come up here to use the computer.

So I've been thinking lately about how to make my Etsy listings more interesting, and the photos have a lot to do with that! So I thought of a few ways to make whatever it is your selling stand out just a little more.

One thing I've found that I like to do with my ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) when I photograph them is place them on corresponding colored paper with fancy designs. It adds a bit of class to the background, rather than simply placing the item on a flat, non-colorful surface.

Another cool way to do it is to have two papers underneath, like one a designed one, and the other, a pure white. Experiment and try out different papers, textures, and designs to see what compliments what YOU'RE selling!

When you put some time and thought into how you want to present your item(s) to your audience, then it always comes out better! There is nothing that says you have to be traditional and just take a picture. Check out these other ideas...

Stand your item up next to a fancy cup, saucer, or some ribbon. See what you have lying around that could accentuate what you're selling!

You can even be fun and daring! Look at these two shots... they are definitely not "typical", yet I bet they'd get the viewer to look more closely!

The main idea is to have fun with what you do. Sure, it's nice to get a sale, but it's also nice to have a product (and photo!) that you are pleased with. Nothing can ever beat that! Happy picture taking!!!

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Kathleen said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!