Monday, January 18, 2010

I read the blogs. I update my Facebook Fan Page (when I feel there is something noteworthy). I even... dare I say it? I even Twitter... once in a while. I post in the Etsy forums. I update my blog (although, I try to keep it craft-related).

With all that, I often feel somewhat lost... or left out, as it were. Because I haven't created anything new. I mean, I'll make an ACEO, and I'll love it. I'll put it up on Etsy, blog about it, fan and tweet about it. And then what? I guess it's hard to have something to talk about when it's already done. So I have to open my eyes and mind to new adventures, therefor, I will have more crafts to make.

Coming Soon! I will be having a give away, most likely in Febuary, by the fantastic Luvewwknits! Stay tuned for that!

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