Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's A New Season

It's a New Season! It's a New Day! Fresh annointing is flowing my way! It's a Season of POWER and prosperity! Let the weak say I am STRONG! Hallelujah!!!

All that was stolen is returned to me a hundred fold! I walk in VICTORY!

These aren't just words from a song... I have to confess them and believe!

Tried in the fire but I'm coming out GOLD!!!

I am a child of the King! His promises are yes and amen! Amen means Truth! God NEVER fails! God NEVER fails! God NEVER fails!

I HAVE the peace that surpasses all understanding! When I am going through (in the fire), I HAVE the peace of God and the joy of the Lord!

When I have no reason in the world to smile, when everything is coming against me, I dance before the Lord and I have the true joy that is stronger than ANY happiness this sinful world could ever give!

We are in the end times. It is imperative to STAND upon the ROCK of our salvation!

Just thinking about that word... salvation... it means I am SAVED! Saved from death! Saved from sin!

Hallelujah! I serve the one God, the One who reigns forever and ever! I AM a child of the King!!!

Thank you, Jesus, my Lord and Savior, for setting me free! I am here before You, Your humble servant, asking now... what can I do for You?

What can you do today, dear reader, for Jesus? He has done so much for you!