Friday, January 22, 2010

Keepin' it Green... :)

OK, so even if you're not a full-blown conservationist, every one recycles, at least somewhat, these days. And that's a good thing... even a little bit helps!

That being said, I decided to share one way crafters can recycle, no matter what it is you make/send to customers. Of course, this works better if you HAVE customers, but most people who sell on Etsy have some kind of customer base, so this applies. :)

When you buy something on Etsy, most people will send some kind of a card with it, whether it simply be a Thank You card, or just a little nice note to say thanks, tell you about the item, or to offer their web url for futre transactions.
(A card I received with a bought item recently)

I generally keep these cards, and when it is time for me to send something to someone else, I simply recycle the card for my own purpose. I will cut and paste a paper block on the inside of the card and write my own message on it,

add a little design,

and maybe even a sticker to make it more "mine".

And there you have it... a card all your own, but recycled! There are tons of little ways to "Keep it Green"... all it takes is a little thinking, a little creativity, and some time, and you've done your part! :)


TwoIndustriousFerrets said...

Very smart my dear! I like this idea alot, I would never think to recycle a card, but that's brilliant! I'm definitely a firm believer in the fact that there's enough "stuff" already floating around this world, why do we need to make more?

Magpie said...

Very good, green idea! I like it!

Saw you in the forums!