Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hi! I have recently begun branching out, so to speak, in regards to my ETSY shop. I love to illustrate, and I still adore making ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals), but I also make other things, like creative magnets and recycled magazine bangle bracelets.

Well, I've recently discovered the joy of TAGS! You know what I mean, gift tags that can be used as a special accent on a present, or label tags to put on whatever you want to label :) The uses for these tags are pretty broad... depending on what they're made of, you can use them in your art (scrapbooking, mixed media, etc.) to embellishments on objects, favors, or even key chains! The possibilities are endless!

Creating tags is literally so much fun, and your creativity when it comes to them is limited only by your own imagination! You can stamp them, decoupage them, cut them out of wood, illustrate your own unique designs on them, etc... I have a lot of interesting ideas that I'm planning on working on in the near future.

Here are some that are currently listed on Etsy by a variety of artists... I particularly find these tags very interesting. Do YOU make tags? Maybe you will after seeing these!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I Would Buy!

Here are several items that I have on my favorites list on Etsy! These are items that I truly love, and would buy if I had money to spend. Hopefully, some day I WILL get these :) Just click on the link above the image to visit the shop. Enjoy!

Here are some knitted washcloths that I've just positively fallen in love with, probably because of the ocean/beachy color theme. I would totally use these every day! But would be pretty to display, too :)

Knit Dishcloth Cotton Knitted Dish Cloth Ocean Beach Earth Tone Seaside Cottage Sea Blue Green Aqua Kitchen Gift Set

For much the same reason as above, I love these :) You can use them for washing dishes OR your face... I would use them on my face, of course! I really like the round design this artist employed... very functional, and pretty!

Round Ribbed crochet face scrubbie washcloth

These I am in LOVE with, which makes no sense, because I have no place where I (personally) can use coasters. BUT! If I had MY OWN kitchen, that was all pretty, I would totally use these as a focal point above the stove for decorative purposes. These really are fantastic, and wonderful for this time of year!!

Coasters Fair Isle Brown Autumn Colors Eco-Friendly Recycled Mug Rugs Felted Wool

This bracelet is one of my favorite things... EVER. No, seriously. I am an artist, and love to draw... have for my whole life! So, what else would be perfect for an artist to have than a piece of jewelry that you can not only wear to reflect YOU, but you can also wear it while you wash your hands 50 million times a day because you're working with all kinds of art supplies! :)

Resin Bangle - Bracelet - Colored Pencil - Chunky - Thick - Cuff - Resin - Teacher - Pencil - Bold - Multi Color Rainbow

This is wonderful. I adore the beach (as I mentioned above), and this artist is a wonderful photographer, but she takes her photos further than any regular frame. She makes everything from coasters to decopauged jewerly boxes, and I love her work! I think this would look perfect just above my bed... and I'd have a blast keeping the kids away from it, LOL!

http://www.etsy.com/listing/90890267/beach-wooden-wall-hanging-sea-green?ref=usr_faveitems>Beach Wooden Wall hanging: sea green, shells, ocean, photograph,

There are many, many more favorites that I have that I would love to get someday. Perhaps in the future I'll post more :) Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes, Words Need No Pictures...

Second-Hand Brother
Second-hand brother
don't you come up in my church
with your pants down around your knees
and your stank breath,
grimy hands and eyes on my pockets

We good people, here
we work for our money
and obey the law
we stay with our wives
and drive respectable family vehicles

God Bless you,
may you find peace in this world
but you stay out of my church
we worked too hard to be the
Christ-centered community that we are,

and we haven't got the room for your
drug habits, your broken family values,
your children who don't belong
with our good, clean ones.  You
understand... we aren't against you,

not at all.  It's just that there are... other churches
where perhaps, you'd be more comfortable.
We just aren't the type of people who
could relate to you, and you should be
somewhere you could be...

Oh, how we have missed the mark when it comes to Love.