Saturday, February 28, 2009

One of my Favorites!

I follow a lot of blogs, and I can't read through each and every one of them (although, I do try my best!) One of the ones I absolutely read ALL THE TIME is Polymer Clay Ponderings . This blog is always so intuitive, interesting, and fun that I look forward to reading it.

Garritygal makes clay angels, babies, and the absolute best clay cupcakes I've ever seen. It makes me hungry every time I peruse my little clay baby holding a cupcake on my bed post. Her talent is obvious, her prices fair, and her communication top notch.
Please do yourself a favor and check out her blog and her shop... you won't be disappointed. Oh, and did I mention she's got a wonderful giveaway contest going on now? Go see. Go!


garritygal said...

Wow! Thanks so much. I'm so flattered and humbled. It's something like this that makes me want to be a better blogger and artist. Hugs!!

TheClayMuse said...

I love her blog! She was one of the first I followed! (and now I'm following you too!)

Audrey said...

Didn't know this shop existed! Thanks for sharing it with us - will go have a look.
One of the great things about reading other blogs is the cool shops you can find.