Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok, so I've been in Cali for what now, 2 months? Something like that. Anyway, today my husband and I went to the mall after the
prenatal visit (every thing is coming along great!) and by the mall is a store called Daiso. It's basically a Japanese thrift store, with most items $1.50. I went in looking for barrettes, but let me tell you, the store is absolutely fantastic! I love it, and I could easily become addicted if I had money. LOL. Thankfully my loving husband told me to get crafty things if I needed them, and of course I need them!

These are actually flat color sticker sheets, and you can draw/cut out the stickers that you make yourself. I can't wait to begin using these to make some interesting ACEOs!!!

Here we have a shape punch, which is primarily used for scrapbooking, but the possibilities are endless. AND yes, this is a SAKURA pen... just like a gellyroll! I couldn't believe it when I saw these... I LOVE these pens!

And we even got some new pencils/markers at Target. So what the heck am I doing on the computer... I've got to go make stuff!!!


Laura said...

Hey! I live in California and I want a Daiso!! LOL O love finding a bunch of fun stuff cheap. :) Good for you.

jinx1764 said...

wow! I wonder if they have an online shop!

Aloquin said...

They DO! Here it is:


jinx1764 said...

Awesome thanks for the link I've bookmarked for more browsing! ;o)

Prpldy said...

Wow! I've gotta check out the website! I love cheap supplies!