Wednesday, February 4, 2009


OK, for the last two weeks or so, I have been on a cupcake craze. I never really thought about them much in my life, in fact, I couldn't care less. The only memory at all I have of them is that when I was a little kid I brought some that my mom made into school for my bday, and the kids all complained that they tasted like soap. Maybe they did, I don't remember. You know how kids can be.

Anyhow, I've absolutely fallen in love with all things cupcake recently, and in lieu of actually having some to eat, I decided to appease my addiction with what else? Etsy!

Here we have the most adorable cupcake baby hats! I totally adore these, and am seriously considering getting one in the future... (once my baby is actually born, of course!) These wonderful hats are made by NinisHandmades! Go check her shop out, there are plenty more, and all different!

Next, we have cupcake ACEOs! I should consider myself kind of fortunate for not having spending money right now, or I'd buy all of these up, right away! DianaEvans makes fantastic ACEOs. Go have a look!

CraftydsCreations has such adorable embellishments, among many other items for Valentines Day and Easter! Aren't these cupcakes the best???

How about cupcake earrings? PoppyPenny has them!

And lastly, what could be better than a personalized cupcake pillow! Even if you're on a diet, you can totally snuggle up to this beauty with no guilt! Go see KimsMissPrissyshop!

OK, I've so gotta find a job so I can get some stuff... wonder if they'll hire a 3rd-trimester preggo lady who can't hide it anymore???


ceevee said...

Well to tell you the truth I made cupcakes the other day, but no where near as pretty as yours. I cannot decorate cupcakes or cakes! I am simply awful at it! So I enjoyed yours.

Laura said...

I love all things cupcake! I was the same as you and never even thought about them until Etsy opened my eyes to the calorie fee version. I love them they make me happy.

Aloquin said...

Yes, it is odd how they can alter your mood and visually (not to mention belly-wise) make you happy! I am so inspired that I'm making a cupcake ACEO myself! Too bad it isn't edible...

Kathleen said...

too cute! Love the choices =)

Diana Evans said...

oh how wonderful...I love everything about cupcakes!!!

thank you for picking some of my art!!!


sunshinelovin' said...

those are the best
hugs to you