Friday, February 27, 2009

2 Fairies Out of One!

Someone in the ACEtsy Team has recently been making ACEOs that stand alone as individual cards, but also go together to create one masterpiece. I was intrigued by this idea, so I decided to give it a try. How did I do?


jinx1764 said...

That's like my garden gate aceo. Four cards that make a larger picture.

I've found Artfire to be not steady with sales yet, tons of views though. I've made 13 sales in 4 months, 2 to G. Brit. Of course, it's beta so there are bugs to work through but I really believe that in the next year Artfire will be THE place for artisans. The really listen to the needs and concerns of the artists and act on problems immediately. They don't close threads that question their actions; they participate in those threads! While they're running a business and need to make money themselves they do everything they can to put the artists' needs before or at least equal to the financial needs. They've already featured me on the front page and published two of my articles! Good luck!


Prpldy said...

I love what you created! You did a fabulous job!