Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Works

I've been in a very creative mood lately, but sometimes, when I first begin a project, I don't like it so much. Then, as time goes on and I flesh it out a bit, it gets a lot better. Here I'm posting two cards I'm working on currently. When they are done, I will post how they've come out, and you will witness the difference first hand. Anyhow, pics!

Here is an ACEO that I'm making with a real leaf. I'm looking to create an aged yet
Autumnal look. The idea: that there is beauty in the death of the leaves as Autumn comes along. How'm I doing?

And this one is one I've begun with a graffiti/city thing going on. I like it so far.

That's all for today! Still trying to figure out the benefits of Twitter, LOL. Does anyone else find it overwhelming? I mean, I dig finding out about people's art and what not... but do I really need to know how many times they've gone to the bathroom in the last hour?


Jenna said...

I totally understand your twitter conundrum. I'm in the same boat. :)

DJ said...

Looks like you did the aged look well :)

I like your blog template/header here. Really fun.

Found you through Etsy forums