Friday, August 14, 2009

Decembering into Autumn...

Hard at work right now on multiple ACEOs. I am trying now to do "altered prints", where I print bits of my original work, cut and paste them to ACEO cards, and then decorate or alter them however my mood directs me. I like the way they are coming out thus far, hope to have them up soon.

Also working on a multi-textured "Summer Fruits" picture for this month's Dawg Group quest.

I am nursing a current love affair with the Decemberists. I can't remember how I found out about them, but I really enjoy their music, almost as much as my all time favorite band, Radiohead. I already made this ACEO a while back:

with some lyrics from their song "Red Right Ankle". I can't wait to see what I come up with next. Autumn is on it's way, my favorite time of year. It is a point of high creativity for me... it is difficult to look out at the beauty of this time of year and not create.

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