Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Completely Different!

Hello every one! Well, I promised I'd post a picture of the finished
ACEOs from yesterday, and I only got one done, but I'm very surprised at the direction it took... so different than what I had planned for it! But I guess that happens with art. Anyway, here is the finished piece. You can see how it began on yesterday's post.

No longer about fall or even leaves dying... now it is a "Lost Octopus". I really like it, even if it isn't what I expected it to be. Also, it was a boy's birthday today in the shelter where we currently live, so I made this for him last night. I like the way it turned out, but I can do better when given more time.

Well, he seemed to like it, so that's good. I'm really trying to hone my graffiti skills... it's tough, because it's totally an individual art form. You've just got to find your groove, as it were. I'm trying! :) Also, I'm happy to report that my husband is back to making ACEOs!

He hasn't made one since we left California... a long time ago. Here is his debut! It's listed in my etsy shop here! Come by and take a look at my latest ACEOs. And have a great day every one! God Bless!

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