Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yay Productivity!

A beautiful day here in sunny Cali... went to the mall this morning, paid a little on my Sears card, bought a few neededs at Target,
cleaned the apartment with my sister-in-law, made an ACEO that I'm proud of, and tonight, it's bonfire on the beach time! I'm diggin' life. :)


Cherry Lane Jane said...

I am jealous....not really because I love my life, but a bonfire on the bewch sounds wonderful right now! Plus I would give anything to draw like that! great aceo:)


jinx1764 said...

Nice ACEO. Thanks for the encouragement, we artist have got to stick to gather for moral support. Hope you've gotten some good attention from the feature!

hollyzhobby said...


esque said...

Lovely ACEO! I miss the beach!