Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crafting vs... time?

It takes a long time to get every thing done, from making ACEOs, to organizing material, getting online and covering blogs, etsy, emails, etc. By the time I'm ready to actually sit down and make something, so much time has been spent already.

My husband tells me that I take on too much. But he doesn't understand... this is what I love to do. Today is his day off, and he wants to walk to the library. It's a beautiful day in Cali, and it probably would be good to go out for a walk. But I've got orders to get together and send off, and then more stuff to make. Oh, I need a widget to manage my time!

Anyway, for now... here is my latest ACEO that I'm working on. What do you think? I will add the color I get done to it later.

1 comment:

LittleLovables said...

I think it looks great so far! My hubby tells me the same thing, we say to each other in moments like these in corny English accents "You're missing it Peter!" (from Hook).

I would love a time management widget, too bad our bodies can't accept code.