Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creativity on the Wind :)

It's a breezy, blustery day here on Long Island. The leaves are falling, the trees are blowing, and my son is having a blast dancing around in all of it. Even the fallen leaves are leaving imprints on some of his toys... if you look carefully, you'll see what I mean:

I have been diligently working on some new ideas for ACEOs for the holidays. Every one seemed to be interested in my graffiti series so much (you can see some of them still here) that I decided to take the advice of some friends and begin incorporating the graffiti/urbanesque style of art into some Christmas gems. Here are two that I'm currenly finishing up... what do you think?

All comments will be greatly appreciated, as I'm really trying to make ACEOs that people will want to give to their loved ones/friends for the holidays!!! Thanks so much!

-Aloquin :)


Lizzi said...

I like both, but for the first one I didn't immediately know what the spray can was, while the second one was immediately obvious :-) Great job!

MYSAVIOR said...

Jennifer ~ I love them. My fav is the JOY. I love graffiti art.
Also tattoo art.

ZudaGay said...

They are very cool!! I like the JOY one especially! I think you should put them on Christmas cards.

Anonymous said...

I like the Christmas tree one with the wind taking the paint away...