Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to October (my FAVORITE month!)

I had a thought a while back. I have this same thought every year. The thought is this: that I WILL document and experience SOME sort of October every day of the month, wether it is baking apple pie or collecting leaves, or something! Well, needless to say, life gets in the way, and I may not have stuck to the "every day" rule, but I've been trying to do something every day so far. I think I'm doing ok...

I began knitting my baby boy a blue scarf. I like how it's coming out so far... I'm knitting in straight standard regular knit stitch, except for the edges which I'm doing knit knit, purl purl, to create a kind of border. I will post a picture as it comes along.

I took my Kyle out for a nice Autumnal walk the other day, and this is how he looked!

We saw these interestingly-sculpted bushes. It reminded me of Edward Scissorhands!

We also got to see this interesting fungus growing on a nearby tree!

We also finally found this pear tree that I'd been looking for! I had heard a friend mention it's existance, but she told me the wrong location. So I was very pleased when I did indeed find it!

We also saw this lovely fall tree... it truly is my favorite time of year!

AND just for fun... here is a picture of my baby boy, sportin' a cool hat! Every one get outside and ENJOY this month... it only comes once a year!!!

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