Thursday, October 22, 2009

My First Post!

Hi every one!!! MY name is Kyle, and this is my first ever blog post! I'm getting an early start on things, being that I'm only 6 months old... but it's never too early to blog, right? OK, so here we go!!!

My post today will be a review of Baby Einstein's DVD "Baby's First Sounds, Discoveries for Little Ears".

Now, my Mom has been wanting to check out Baby Einstein DVDs for a while now, because she has heard such wonderful things about them. So, with a little help from Dad, they chose this particular DVD to try out with me!

Well, to be completely honest, the DVD is a bit of a let-down. First of all, it has more than one language throughout. There isn't enough English. And, if this is designed to teach us babies our first sounds/words, then it should focus on ONE language, as to not confuse us. We are only little babies, after all! My first words are not going to be in a different language!

We are not going to give up on Baby Einstein, but this DVD definitely had a lot lacking. But it's fun to play with, at least! I'm going to go take a nap now. Thanks for reading my first post!!!

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