Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Etsy is... down for maintanence?!?

Nooooooooo!!! I came all the way to the college to use the internet, and etsy is down? The inhumanity!!!

OK well, then... I will do my etsy search THIS way... by utilizing you, my beloved followers!

This is what I am in current search of. If you make the items yourself, or can recommend someone to me that does make them, that would be really really great!

OK I am looking for: Either (or both!) a soap and/or lipgloss with the taste/scent of Mr. Goodbar. It is my all time favorite candy, and I would love products that are fun and that remind me of my candy!

Also, soap and/or lipgloss with either a green tea scent/flavor or with a coffee scent/flavor!

Finally, I'm looking for any surf-style jewelry, similar to this: Anything with Hawaiian flowers would do, too.

OK so that's it! Promote your shops! Or those of your friends! Let me see those items!!! :)

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