Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite things?

I was asked in a survey lately what was my favorite item that I'd created. What??? I've been creating since I can't remember (used to decorate my crib with diaper, yeah, thanks for the info, mom!)

But it got me thinking... what really are my favorite items? So often, it seems, we as artists and craftsmen create something that we LOVE, and then sometimes we make things that are OK, and we put them up anyway. And you know what? Someone will generally buy the OK thing! That just goes to show that there are very varied tastes out there, and more times than not, someone will like what you don't necessarily think is "all that", LOL.

However, I decided to post here three of my creations that I would consider my favorites, and why:

I really love the way these painted golf balls turned out. I think they really do look like candy! Not only are they a cute gift for that chocolate lover, they also make a great gift for any golf enthusiast. I like this creation so much for it's originality and versatility. Besides, they make me hungry!!! :)

This is another of my favorites, more for what it says than for how it looks. Too many people are negatively effected by the current economy crisis, and the president doesn't seem to have the right answers. Just my humble opinion.

And finally, I really like the way this one turned out! I never really made anything Star Trek related, but for a first attempt, I don't think it's half bad.

Why don't you post some of your favorites today, and why they are? :) Enjoy the weekend!!!


esque said...

I love the Star Trek one (although I'm not a fan) and there's been few items that I'm really proud of and felt sad when they sold :)


fairie_wings_pixie_dust said...

I love the golf balls...there making me hungry as well. I guess that means I have to stop and make dinner.

I've had a few favorite things that I've either sold or given away.

1. embroidered lace bowls-made as gifts for employees
2. cowgirl costume that got me started sewing again
3. bows that actually looked like bows