Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Always Thought We Had Forever

Days come, and days go. As time marches on, our days are decorated with splashes of color- sometimes vibrant, and sometimes... well, not so much. Whatever kind of days you have, or whatever colors you get "splashed" with... all combine to make art, as long as you let it :)

I decided to create this blog post as a sort of visual record of my latest completed art journal spread. From start to finish, I documented every step. When I began, I had nothing in mind but the title: "I Always Thought We Had Forever", and the emotions behind it... art is theraputic, they say.

Please enjoy my post and the artistic journey from concept to completion.

Here is my journal, eagerly awaiting to be created upon :) Hello, journal!

I glued a piece of ephemera down. It's just a piece of decorative paper from the many I have. I thought it would look good. Sometimes that's how you journal... you just, well, you just DO. If you think too much, you can "clog" up the creative process.

Note: Glue sticks RULE when you're journaling!

I then haphazardly apply some white gesso. Artists who journal LOVE gesso!

On a piece of white sticker paper, I sketch this girl.

Then I ink the sketch with a thin black Sharpie pen.

After erasing the pencil marks, I write (in pencil) over the girl with "spill words"... words written quickly with or without meaning. Some use words that have personal meaning to them, others use the words more for aesthetic purposes.

I color her in with water color crayons and pencils. See?

Then, I do the same with her hair, only I add some marker, too.

Hrm... her hair looks too dark... so, I gesso the hair a little. Then I enhance the black outline around her a little, and cut her out.

Sticker paper is great! I peel off her back, and down she goes!

Looking good so far? I think so. I choose a vellum frame, rub some water color crayon red on the underside, and glue it down over her.

A band-aid is pasted, and then I rub ink along the edges of both pages, and around the outline of a pink square of paper. I glue it down.

Time for stamps! Here are some butterflies in squares.

Sakura Gel Pens (Souffle) are used to decorate. Pretty! (I love these pens!!!)

Under our girl, I pasted a piece of Scotch tape and blog over and around with pink stamp ink, then I pull the tape off again.

A piece of the journal rips with the tape! I'll have to fix that later.

I stamp the title with letter stamps and black pigment ink.

Then, with larger letters, I finish the title and stamp "FOREVER". I spill words on one page to fill in the background. With a black Sharpie, I draw three tear drop shapes along the left hand of the spread.

Then, I spill words and fill up the other page.

More stamps, this time hot air balloons!

I use water soluble wax pastels and color in the drops, then the balloon stamps. I blend the colors in the balloons.

Add strips of paper randomly here and there, as long as it looks pleasing to you. I also used my white paint pen (Pentel Sunburst MED Gel) to outline the word "FOREVER".

I add gesso around the edges of the spread, blending with the ink slightly, creating a dull gray border.

I draw a line with my Sharpie to indicate a frame around the spread, then color outside of it with the pastels. I blend, blend, blend.

I section in different areas with water color crayons, and blend with water and a brush.

To decorate the border, I use my white paint pen and alternating shades of blue acrylic paint, and make bubbles.

I end up not liking the way the bubbles look in comparison to the whole piece, so I paint over the border with a shade of bluish-lavender, then I re-thicken the Sharpie black border line.

I accent the line with the white paint pen and spill write around the border. I like this MUCH better!

I glue down a piece of map tag to cover the spot where the tape had ripped the journal earlier, then color it a little with the same blue-lavender used on the border. I also drew an "I" and clipped it out, colored it, and pasted it over the spot on the title where I'd stamped a hot air balloon.

And here we have the finished product! It took a lot of time (this was not all completed in one shot), and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The entire piece seems to blend well together. What do you think?


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Wow! the creativeness of your artist mind is incredible! Fabulous finished piece!

MYSAVIOR said...


WOW - are you one talented lady♥

I just can't express this with words.

Suggestion - make larger pictures along with your ACEOs. Maybe 5X7 or even 8X10.


Julia Badgley said...

You are so, so artistic. Thanks for sharing this personal work with us. Will you continue to work on this project?

Aloquin said...

Thank you everyone!!!

I think I'm done with this particular spread, but I work everyday in the journal. It is something I've grown very, very fond of :)

Luella Newkirk said...

Incredible! Thank you for sharing this process. Beautifully illustrated.

Mechelle said...

Thanks for sharing your step by step process. I took an art journaling class a few years ago. I bet that is very healing as you create, and express your feelings.

HMDDesigns said...

This is truly stunning! I love all the elements you incorporated and how you meshed them to give such an emotional and whimsical feel to your work. Lovely!

Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Bermudez said...

You are amazingly creative! I love your work and you inspire me: )

NellywithWings said...

Jen, you are an awesome artist. Half-way through the photos I thought you were done, and lo and behold, you had so much more to share, wow. You make me crave for an outlet like that. So far I have a journal, but not an art journal...

Angels and Everlastings said...

Thanks for sharing your process -- I enjoyed seeing each step. Almost makes me want to do one.

ZudaGay said...

I LOVE this post! Getting a glimpse into your process and the wonderful finished pages! Please keep sharing!