Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Creative Traffic

Welcome back every one for today's installment of Thursday's Creative Traffic!

Today we're going to look at a site that I just found out about. I am sure it's already received a lot of traffic, so you should definitely check it out... it's a great site!

What am I talking about? Why, it's!

This animoto site allows you to upload your very own pictures, put them to music (yours or theirs), and then it makes a video of them, for free! You get to make as many as you want, 30 seconds long. If you want a longer video, you can pay... but for advertising your Etsy wares, a 30 second video is perfect. It's comprehensive, not over-done, and no two videos are ever the same...

Seriously, take a look... you'll be glad you did!

Oh, and you can see the video I made last night right here!

Happy Thursday every one!!!

I wish to thank ZionShore for posting about this site!


Alice Istanbul said...

Off to take a look, thanks!

ZionShore said...

Your video is awesome!! :P