Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello, and T.G.I.F.!!!

Today has been a pretty creative day thus far... even though, for some reason, my wonderful son Kyle has decided it is National Get-On-Mommy's-Nerves in Any Way Possible Day, but heck... he's adorable, and days like this are par for the course. At least I've gotten a bit done. Here he is, being his cute self.

I've been working on a pretty drop-stitch scarf recently, and managed to get a bit more of that done... I enjoy the drop-stitch pattern because it works up quickly, and turns out very pretty. :)

I also managed to fix up the pink barrette I've been working on, and I like it better than I did. I'm going to list it on my Etsy today, at long last. I tend to be a perfectionist about things I make... I'm way too critical sometimes, but I think this turned out nice.

I've also been featured in 2 treasuries today by the wonderful women of the DAWG Group! Go check them out, comment, and click away!

Pink Tea and Sunshine Treasury!

Who Let The DAWGS Out Treasury!

Remember, this is the day that the Lord has made, so rejoice and be glad in it! :) Happy Friday every one!!!

And stay posted, a VERY COOL give away is coming this weekend!


Pattie said...

I wish I could knit.

And, congratulations on the two features :)

jammatun said...

I really like your barretts - makes me wish I hadn't just cut my hair! Just subscribed to your blog feed. Updated our blog today:

Erica said...

your son is so cute! happy friday!

Ashley K C said...

Your barrettes are beautiful!!
i followed the link from your etsy post here and subscribed to your rss feed because i don't know how to follow you, i'm slow with computer things ;)

Anonymous said...

@ashley... you have to sign into your blogspot account, then it says Follow up top...

@aloquin.... I need booties

jammatun said...

@aloquin - so glad I read CyberFM's message about how to follow. I had gone to the Subscribe to Atom feed at the bottom of your page. I can see your blog on my Google homepage now, but it has errors - will try to figure out why! Did like CyberFM said and signed in and followed from top!

Chrissy P. said...

OMG, your son is sooo cute, He looks like a ninja!! These pictures made me smile, thanx!!