Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prayer Journal?

For many years now, I've heard the term "Prayer Journal," but never really gave it much thought. I've never really been a "journaler"... but, in Feb 2012, I learned about art journaling, and my world has never been the same since. I fell in love with art journaling, and never looked back! But, "prayer journaling?..."

I tend to do more art in my "art" journals than writing, but that's ok, as there are no rules. That being said, I recently began looking into what exactly were these things called "Prayer Journals," anyway?

My Moleskin journal

I mean, was it a record of people's prayers? Or was it more? Could one be creative with one, or would that be... sacrilegious?? As I did more searching, I discovered that many people ARE creative with their prayer journals, and while many do record their prayers in them (and subsequently, the answers to said prayers!), the prayer journals were so, so much more!

Important notes from a Christian book I was reading

Pertinent notes from a sermon

You can write prayers in your prayer journal, Christian song lyrics that particularly move you, thoughts to God. You can "spill" write... just think/communicate with God and write down a fluid stream of thoughts that flow through you as you pray/meditate upon Him. You can write scripture verses, and also what they mean to you, how they matter to you specifically at this point in your life. Date your entries. Look back later on and see where you were now, and see how you grow. Consider words that are special to you... "grace"... "salvation"... "peace." Decorate your pages- make them your own. God gave you the gift and desire to be creative... use it and give it back to Him :) Honor Him with your efforts.

A tag a made with a "power thought" from Joyce Meyer- "My words have the power to create my reality!"

Journal spread I created based on the word "salvation" with the scripture verse Psalm 62:6- "He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved."

The wonderful thing is that a prayer journal is uniquely yours, and it is what you feel God wants it to be to you. He wants to have a closer relationship with you, and this can be a wonderful way to increase that! Enjoy the gift that the Lord has given you... He loves you. Use it as just one way to show Him how much you love Him right back :)

I am participating in the wonderful Art Journal Every Day hosted by artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Come join in the fun!


Laurie Sikorowski said...

Hi Aloquin.
I am a journaler myself (art. prayer, and everything everything else) I can really notice God' hand in my life as I look back over old journals and see just how he has guided my life answered questions I had already forgot I'd asked. They are such an encouragement. I hope your journalling experience is just as blessed. I thought I'd share one of my past posts on art journaling and prayer: http://artfulbitsandbytes.blogspot.com/2013/11/so-much-so-many.html
Hav a wonderful evening :)

Mechelle said...

I first started art journaling, but I don't keep it up. I am the same way for just journaling.

Anonymous said...

I love journalling. It is prayers, thoughts, answers to prayers, impressions. However, my journalling has no art in it for some unknown reason. I love how you do yours. The great thing about journalling is that it is so personal that cannot be judged, and therefore, there is complete freedom to do as one pleases. Thanks for a wonderful post. Nellywithwings.

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Good idea for a journal, I think I'd stick to just art journals but can see why they'd be popular!

Kim said...

Beautifully written Jen! I have a prayer journal . .it is similar to the ones in my shop but mine has a photo of a road on it :) I like to write down scripture that moves me, things I've read, notes from a sermon and song lyrics as well. I love all your added art . . .makes me want to get more creative with my own!

Kathleen said...

I keep a blessing book where I write ways that the Lord has blessed me. I often look back over it - such a beautiful reminder of God's grace.

sammysgrammy said...

Jen - I'm certain that the Lord just loves your prayer journal - He knows He put that talent in you and is delighted to see become manifest in the pages of your blank book. I think the Lord also journals. Look at Malachi 3:16

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a FABULOUS post!! I have been receiving blank prayer journals as gifts and they are still empty....really, I have 3 of them now! Your post really makes it clear what they are all about. Now...for that motivation to get started!

Christine Linton said...

I have kept a spiritual journal on and off over the last 35 years - they help me clarify what I'm thinking and feeling and my spiritual attitudes at that time. I don't keep them and read them - when I'm ready to move on I tear them up and dispose of them in the recycling - circle of life stuff, symbolic.

Susan Carol said...

Love your post and your pages and the tag. I've kept a prayer journal for years and sometimes I draw or illustrate something. I couldn't be without my prayer journal. I write all those things you list. Now I also do art journaling and I will make pages based on what has been going on in my prayer journal. I can't quite combine the whole thing in one journal .... yet. I've started following you :)

Ophelia said...

This is such a great post! And, what an awesome idea. Such a great record! I love what you have created!

Debs said...

Hello! Great post. I have been thinking of getting back into journaling, so this is good timing to motivate me. There is an interesting book called Praying in Color that I think you'd enjoy. It's all about praying with colored pencils and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you. I sometimes use this technique and sometimes I use writing. I believe God honors all sorts of artistic expression and understands much more than words!