Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sketchin' The Time Away

So, I had a Dr. appointment today. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that the result of said appointment was not the best news. Anyway, I've been inspired lately to try sketching more... and, while I haven't had the chance yet to fix them up, I did two quick sketches.

This one was done in the waiting room of the Dr. office. I see now that the door is too thin, and there are many lines that are crooked, but it's not bad overall.

After I got the news, I decided to go to a local Starbucks and just veg for a while, something I rarely get to do anymore. I am glad that I had my Ipod with me, because I just wasn't into the Ho Ho Ho music they had playing today.

This Starbucks was particularly packed, but they have a deal going on (until Sunday) where you can purchase a holiday beverage, and get one free of equal or lesser value. Thankfully, I had enough left on my Starbucks card, so I bought one drink for there, and one drink for the road. I also managed a quick sketch while I sat at the counter... I left a lot out, because I simply didn't have the time, but I'll play around with it and see what becomes of it.

So that's my day, in a nutshell. I came home afterwards and snuggled with my kids. At the end of the day, having my children close to me is what matters. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I can make these sketches look better then, huh? :)


pinkglitterfae said...

hey Jen, I'm sorry your doctors visit didn't go well, but I want you to know that there is NOTHING that cannot be fixed/cured/healed, and I'm not talking about modern medicine. There are detox specialists, and naturopathic doctors who can pull anything out of your body, so don't be discouraged.
I'm glad you gave yourself time to sketch and treated yourself to Starbucks. Hang in there girl, it will be ok

Kathleen said...

Praying for you, Jen! I like the sketches - they are spontaneous and fun. Glad you had a little time to relax.

MYSAVIOR said...

Awwww! Jennifer♥♥♥

You have so much to give. Praying for you!


Vicky Williamson said...

I agree with Betty's comment above. I'm looking into eliminating sugar and bread-carbs from my diet as well --- reducing inflammation seems to help our bodies to heal easier.

Continued prayers . . . . I commented more on my blog's post where you and I were chatting.

Vicky Williamson said...

Unfortunately, I just discovered that in trying to delete spam comments on my blog, the other comments were deleted as well. What I had written was:

I am so sorry that the results are not good. It's hard to hold on to hope when medical people are telling you the opposite. But God has proven over and over to me in the past months as I deal with 7 separate medical issues that He IS faithful and He DOES have a plan in all of this. It is not a hard thing for Him to bring good out of bad situations; He just wants us to trust Him completely and continue to thank Him as we move through the process. Do whatever helps you to build up your faith, spend time with the Lord, and don't get drawn down into negative "what-ifs".

Your blog is listed in the side column of mine -- easy to check; I like your sketches, especially the waiting room. Even the skinny door --- it somehow adds to the character of the scene. When I sketch in waiting rooms, I add color after I go home, after deciding if I want to add it or not.

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Sorry your going throu a hard time Ken. Praying things will be ok.