Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Emotional scars seem to take longer to heal than physical ones. We think about where we went wrong... what we could have done differently... that we just should've known better!

God doesn't think that way. We beat ourselves up. He forgives. He is, after all, a loving Father.

Sometimes we forget how close He is. We should try and remember more often.

Yes, we make mistakes. And yes, those emotional scars hang on, and often continue to hurt.

But God is there. He is our comforter. None of us are perfect. He already knows that. That's why He sent us Jesus, to bear our sins upon the cross.

That doesn't mean we are free to sin willy-nilly! It means that instead of the punishment we deserve, we now have a way of redemption for when we do slip up.

That way of redemption? Jesus. Do you know Him as your personal Lord and Savior? Maybe it's time you did. Those emotional scars you have? NOTHING compared to the physical ones He endured on the cross... for YOU.

Pray to Him. He's waiting for you with love. Tell Him that you've done things wrong. Tell Him that you need His forgiveness and that you believe He is who the Bible says He is... the Son of God. Invite Him into your heart... and mean all that you say. Then begin going to a good church and learning more about Him. Your life will never be the same.


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What a blessing!

Tisha said...

I've had many unbelievers question about sin after salvation, saying things like "once your saved, you can do what you want." My response is that you could if you wanted to but when you love someone you want to please them and do what they want you to do. When you really understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, you can't help but have a heart bursting with love and gratitude. Thanks for your wonderful message.

sammysgrammy said...

Well said

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You got that RIGHT!! AMEN!


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Great post!

Angels and Everlastings said...

Very well written!

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Good message. Thanks Jen.